Saturday, May 26, 2012


But first, one final post.  About candy!  Ok, it's about Blickenstaff's.  Evan and I went on this great date the other day.  We just walked around the Riverwoods and ended up spending most of our time in Blickenstaff's.  This time, since we are trying to do cheap dates, we decided to get a bag and fill it with one or two pieces of a bunch of different candies.  Our total was $1.17! Ta da!  And it was so stinkin' fun - we got to taste a little bit of each candy and I didn't end up with a sugar headache!  Good combination.  They also told us at checkout that if we blog about our experience, we get 1lb of free as you may have guessed, that's the sole reason for my post.  And it's worth it.  And now for that sugar headache!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's A Miracle

The miracle is that I am finally writing on my blog!!  The reason being...I'm switching to another blog!  So if you would like to follow Evan and I on our blog go to  I can't make any promises, but I am really going to try and be more consistent about writing on this one!  Thanks everyone . . that is if anyone is still out there reading!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Far too Long

Wow, everyone. Wow.  I'm ashamed at my negligence to this dear blog of mine.  Has it really been 4 months since I've seen you?  It has, and I am deeply sorry.

On the up note, turns out lots has happened in these past months!  Mainly that I am engaged to be married :)  Evan and I dated for about 4 1/2 months then got engaged at the beginning of April.  Joy of joys, life sure is fun!  I'm pretty sure that those who actually read my blog knew about this the week it happened - so thanks for your congratulations!  We are getting married on July 22nd in the Mt. Timpanogous Temple.  Can't wait!  I am super, duper excited!  Evan is wonderful - and if you ask me about it, we're a match made in heaven! (Cue the sappy music).  But, seriously guys, waiting for the right man was the wisest move I've ever made.  He makes my heart happy and that's all I can ask for.

At the moment, I am getting ready to go run me a 5k in a bit.  I'm trying to get back on the running band wagon and this is my attempt in doing so.  Aka: pay money so I feel obligated to go running in the morning!  It's a beautiful thing.  In other life news, I am pretty busy with work as well as the wedding planning!  I feel like we already have a good majority planned, which is really nice.  Bless my momma dear for that one :)  I have a dress, I have my cake/decorations/flowers/catering taken care of, we have a place for our reception and other little details planned.  Today we are taking our engagements - bless this beautiful morning!  Lets just hope it stays.  I don't want to get rained out of pictures again! (This is our second attempt - we got rained out last Saturday :(  )

Well - I know this wasn't the most detailed post in the world - but how about I leave you with some pictures?  That always helps, right?  Right. In no particular order...

The handsome fiance and me

Our Bean Museum date

I could not for the life of me get a good picture of the actual ring, but here it is from the website :)  Love.

Ready to go to his ward's Valentine's dance

This was right after Evan propsed :) I look tired, but I assure you I was wide awake!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ok, it's for real this time

Hi friends,

It's time for a life update.  Let's just dive right in, shall we?

Work:  Going great.  I love the people I work with - never a dull moment.  I'm learning a lot about finances and quite enjoy a job that stays at the job site and doesn't spill over.  I miss teaching; I really do - I miss cute little kids, seeing them learn something new, laughing with them, crying at times - but I know this was a change for the better.  I'm happy, not overwhelmed and stretched to my very limit as I was before.  Maybe there will come a time where I will find myself again in the school system, but it won't be anytime terribly soon.

Play:  I'm working on some of those goals I mentioned a few posts ago and so far I'm doing well (on a few of them, anyway):  Two books to go in the Chronicles of Narnia read-a-thon, made a new friend this month, have a road trip planned in a few weeks (Disneyland, here I come!), discovered - which is an extremely useful budgeting website, and the most exciting one......have a boyfriend.  Eek!

Personal:  I'm dating someone.  He's fantastic.  I like him.  And I think he likes me. 

Ok!  That's it for today's update on the life of a former school teacher/financial assistant extraordinaire!  Tune in next time for more exciting updates. 

Love,  Jeanette

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I ate two chocolate cheesecakes.....

Oh, hey guys.  It's been far too long since I've posted anything.  And sorry to do this to you, but I'm not really in the mood to post right now, either.  Just wanted to leave you all with a little video that I think is hilarious at the moment.  Enjoy!  And you may get a for real post from me in the next week or so.  Maybe.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I got to sleep in this morning with a day off from work!  The first thing I usually take advantage of whenever I have extra time is cleaning and going to the gym.  So, after I cleaned my room, I headed off to Gold's.  As I left the gym after my workout, all sweaty and gross, I stepped out into the cold, almost-winter fall weather and had some memories fill up my mind.  This is the reason for my post this cozy, autumn day.

There was only one reason I would ever think about getting up at 5:30am each weekday morning July-Aug during my high school years: soccer.  I loved it, and still do.  I remember each morning being one of the first girls on the field, huddled up with my hoodie around my head, socks pulled up to my knees, sitting on top of my gym bag so the dewy grass didn't seep through my shorts.  Slowly, one by one, the other girls from my team would show up for conditioning.  They would mumble a groggy 'hi' and quietly settle down in their own heap, attempting to keep their body heat inside and away from the chilly almost-fall morning weather.  I would sit and listen as the birds woke up and began morning songs or watch the sunlight slowly filter in around the high school grounds.  Collectively and individually, we would sit, listen, watch and wait for our coaches to show up and get us started. Indian Runs, Ladders, Interval Running, or the hoped for Scrimmage practice.  I loved those days - filled with aching muscles; running till I wanted to spew; sweat, sweat and sweat.  It was hard work, and it taught me a lot.  In many ways, my experience playing soccer formed me to who I am now.  I learned that laziness and waiting around do not bring desired results.  Working hard, training hard, finding weaknesses in the skill and improving them, taking direction from my coaches, learning to play with the other girls, going for the ball with everything your muscles are capable of - despite the outcome, playing a game because you love it, not just to win.  Because we never won, and yet I still gleaned my greatest happy moments from the sport.  It was the friends, the challenge and the results of my hard work that made it worth it at the end of each day. 

I had a great morning remembering.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hey Everyone!

I had a birthday this past week.  It was most excellent.  I have fantastic roommates and friends who decorated my room, threw me a little party and just made me feel loved!

After turning 26, I have been thinking about some goals I would like to accomplish.  I learned, while training for my half-marathon, that I am 100% more productive in my day to day when I have an end goal in sight.  Thus, I have made a list of 26 things I want to accomplish in this, my 26th year.  Some are silly and some are serious and most are just little things that I would love to make happen, but just haven't done!  I actually stole this idea from a friend of a friends blog and I thought it was great.  Anyway, here is my list of 26!  I will update you all as I accomplish them:

1  Crochet something other than an afghan
Read the Chronicles of Narnia series again
3  Get a new hairstyle (whether cut, colored or highlights)
Run some 5k’s
5  Hike Mt.Timp from the Provo Canyon way
6   Really learn to Salsa dance
7  Lose 10 pounds
Get a knee that works and not ruin it
9  Make at least 1 new friend a month
10  Reconnect with 5 old friends
11  Get involved with Humanitarian service
12  Volunteer somehow with elementary aged children
13  Fly somewhere new
14  Go on a road trip
15  Get a boyfriend
16  Learn to play the Ukulele
17  Expand my cooking abilities
18  Write in my journal at least twice a week
19  Get really good at my new job
20  Get a good start on my children’s book
21  Find a way to organize my budget better
22  Get a plant (keep it alive!)
23  Run the Provo Canyon Half Marathon
24  Learn to knit
25  Join a Choir
26 Finish my mission scrapbook

It's going to be a great year, I can feel it.